Senior Data Scientist


35LPA - 55LPA

Min Experience

3 years



About the role


Company name: TrueFoundry | HQ Location: San Francisco, California | Website | LinkedIn


Role: Senior Data Scientist

  • Salary: Rs. 35-55 Lakhs per annum
  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Type: Full-time



  1. 3+ years experience working with transformer based models & NLP
  2. Deep experience with fine tuning, running large scale training jobs, experience with model servers like vLLM/ TGI / TorchServe
  3. Deep experience with GPU Infra management
  4. Familiarity with tools for data science like Pandas, Notebooks, Numpy, Scipy etc.
  5. Experience with one relational & 1 non-relational DB is a must.
  6. Working experience with tensorflow or pytorch and HuggingFace is a must
  7. Experience with model analysis and experimentation frameworks like MLFlow, W&B, tfma is preferred.
  8. Comfortable working in a linux environment


Benefits at TrueFoundry:

  1. Work with top engineers who led the Facebook Videos and Infrastructure team
  2. Weekly Games and learning sessions with teammates
  3. Flexible working hours and work directly with the Co-founders
  4. Client facing role work directly with fortune 500 companies.
  5. Team discussions on product and business growth strategies.
  6. Insights for those who want to build a startup in the future
  7. Other benefits like learning credits

About the company

About us

TrueFoundry is a Cloud-native PaaS for Machine learning teams to build, deploy and ship ML/LLM Applications on their own cloud/on-prem Infra in a faster, scalable, cost efficient way with the right governance controls, allowing them to achieve 90% faster time to value than other teams.  


TrueFoundry abstracts out the engineering required and offers GenAI accelerators - LLM PlayGround, LLM Gateway, LLM Deploy, LLM Finetune, RAG Playground and Application Templates that can enable an organisation to speed up the layout of their overall GenAI/LLMOps framework. Enterprises can plug and play these accelerators with their internal systems as well as build on top of our accelerators to enable a LLMOps platform of their choice to the GenAI developers. TrueFoundry is modular and completely API driven, has native integration with popular tools in the market like LangChain, VectorDBs, GuardRails, etc.  TrueFoundry works with 25+ Fortune 500 Companies as well as hi-Tech midmarket companies including likes of WadhwaniAI, WhatFix, 2 Fortune 100 healthcare, Games24x7, AvisoAI etc. TrueFoundry is backed by Sequoia, Eniac & Angels like Naval Ravikant, Anthony Goldbloom & 50+ AI & ML leaders from top tech companies, Fortune 500 CXOs and founders at Unicorns like AlphaSense, Innovaccer, WhatFix, Rubrik etc.


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Abhishek Choudhary


data science