Lead Backend Engineer


30LPA - 50LPA

Min Experience

5 years





About the role


Company name: Richpanel | HQ Location: San Jose, California | Website | LinkedIn


Role: Lead Backend Engineer

  • Salary: Rs. 30-50 lakhs per annum
  • Experience: 5+ years
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Type: Full-time


Key Responsibilities:

  1. Enhance API performance and ensure low latency and high throughput. Design scalable backend systems to handle high traffic and large datasets
  2. Identify and refactor inefficient code to improve performance and maintainability
  3. Establish and maintain a comprehensive observability stack
  4. Work with product managers, customers to plan and launch new features fast
  5. Write and update documentation around codebase, tech specs.
  6. Maintain high test coverage for the backend codebase
  7. Optimize database performance for high-speed data operations
  8. Mentor and guide backend developers, fostering a culture of high performance


Typical Week as a Lead Backend Engineer @ Richpanel

  1. Prioritising tasks for the sprint - tasks could vary around API performance improvements, refactor existing code, shipping new features.
  2. Start with planning and tech specs. Great planning is 60% of the job. Strive to create plans in the form of docs that can be executed by anyone in the company.
  3. Have a bias for impact. For that establish clear KPIs and end goals for all your projects. Announce these publicly and allow people to cheer you for your contribution after you have achieved the end goals.


You Will Be a Great Fit If You Have...

  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field
  2. Extensive experience in backend engineering, especially in optimizing API performance
  3. Strong system design skills focusing on scalability and maintainability
  4. Proficiency in backend development languages and frameworks
  5. Excellent problem-solving abilities and experience with complex issue resolution
  6. Strong knowledge of database systems and experience with database migrations
  7. Experience maintaining high test coverage and code quality
  8. Proven ability to lead and mentor a team of engineers
  9. Excellent communication skills for cross-functional collaboration
  10. Ability to anticipate and address potential system issues proactively
  11. Analytical mindset for diagnosing and solving technical problem

About the company

About us

We started Richpanel to help businesses build experiences that require zero (or almost zero) customer service. This does not mean being unavailable for your customers. But it means that you should be so obsessed with your customers, that you study their experience, every edge case, and build for it. If you think about it you only contact customer service when something breaks or you have an edge case that the app is not equipped to handle. If everything works and does what you expect it to - you will never contact customer service.


The concept may sound far-fetched but it’s very attainable. When was the last time you contacted customer service at Facebook or at Zoom? The big tech companies have been building such experiences for years and that’s how they earn them our customer’s trust & our repeat business. This is what gives them the operating leverage. While other businesses hire thousands of agents, the big tech lets their product do most of the work.


Our product is inspired by the likes of Amazon and Uber. Uber has a dedicated team called ‘Customer Obsession Engineering’ that works exclusively to create product-led support experiences. We are on our way to create better than Amazon/Uber like experiences for all businesses, without needing engineers and without needing weeks to go live.


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Amit RG