Founding Frontend Engineer


40LPA - 60LPA

Min Experience

3 years


Remote (India)



About the role


Company name: Pinch | HQ Location: Gurugram, Haryana | Website | LinkedIn


Role: Founding Frontend Engineer

  • Salary: Rs. 40-60 Lakhs per annum
  • Experience: 3+ years
  • Location: Remote
  • Type: Full-time

About the company

About us

At Pinch, our dream is to transform the home ecosystem around families and help them create space for the truly important things, allowing them to focus on themselves and their well-being to build meaningful lives, filled with purpose and joy.

Our aim is to bring comfort & convenience to families in their day-to-day household chores and then take them on a journey where they find pleasure in exploring the finer aspects of life, feel delighted by wonderful experiences & eventually find their lives transformed for the better.


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Nitin Mohan Srivastava


Frontend / UI - Web