Backend Engineer (Python)


20LPA - 40LPA

Min Experience

4 years





About the role


Company name: Oolka | HQ Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka | Website | LinkedIn


Role: Backend Engineer (Python)

  • Salary: Rs. 20-40 lakhs per annum
  • Experience: 4+ years
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Type: Full-time


What you will do (responsibilities):

  1. 4+ years of cumulative experience in working on backend platforms using Python: Django + Flask + FastAPI
  2. Skilled in deploying serverless applications and managing relational database (PostgreSQL)
  3. Strong  implementation skills with AWS suite (EC2, S3, RDS, ELB, Sagemaker, VPC, Cognito, ECR, Netdata, Cloudwatch)  
  4. Experience in building, testing and deploying container applications using Docker
  5. Working knowledge of API development for mobile/ web use
  6. Contributions to open-source will be a plus
  7. Excellent ability to prioritise & communicate in a fast-paced environment



  1. Build, own & maintain backend data infrastructure
  2. Design and implement database and storage solutions that fit the need for both data transaction & reporting
  3. Build highly scalable and robust backend architecture ground up
  4. Test, debug and maintain the application software throughout the product life cycle

About the company

About us

Founded by Utkrishta Kumar (UK) and Anuj Dayal, we are on a mission to democratize financial inclusivity for all Indians. We believe access to good financial products should not just remain limited to those in the higher income group. We aim to demonstrate this by unlocking the best of financial products for those who  work through improving and maintaining  good credit scores. 


We are seeking an experienced backend engineer to architect and implement developer-friendly APIs. The role demands comprehensive understanding of third-party API services to develop a reliable and scalable infrastructure. The candidate will lead the design and development of these applications, collaborating closely with teams across various product infrastructure layers. Success in this position requires a highly collaborative mindset and a dedication to excellence.


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Utkrishta Kumar (UK)