Senior DevOps Engineer


25LPA - 30LPA

Min Experience

4 years





About the role


Company name: Mechademy | HQ Location:Houston, Texas | Website | LinkedIn


Role: Senior DevOps Engineer 

  • Salary: Rs 25-30 lakhs per annum
  • Experience: 4+ years
  • Location: Remote
  • Type: Full-time

Mechademy Inc is a US based engineering company that provides advanced analytics and diagnostics services to the Oil & Gas Industry in the field of Turbomachinery. Turbomechanica is Mechademy Inc.'s big data platform specifically designed for industrial machines and processes. It integrates state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms with performance modeling algorithms that allow plant personnel to gain deeper insights into the health of their turbomachinery assets. We are a team of passionate, self-driven, inquisitive individuals that are continuously striving for excellence.


We are seeking an experienced Senior DevOps/DevSecOps Engineer who will be involved in taking the lead in the maintenance, monitoring, automation and further development of our cloud-based platform. We think we've built an awesome product and want someone who'll help us make it even better! You must be a self-motivated individual with strong communication and problem-solving skills.



  1. 4+ years’ experience
  2. Experience with a broad range of AWS technologies (EKS, IAM, SSO, EC2, RDS, SNS, SQS, Glue, Athena, S3, VPC, Lambda, Control Tower, etc.) equivalent services on GCP and Azure.
  3. Understanding of networking concepts (VNET’s, NSG's, Private Endpoints, VPC, route tables, firewall etc.)
  4. Containerized Applications: Docker, Kubernetes and deployment using Helm.
  5. Experience writing infrastructure as code (IaC) using CloudFormation or Terraform, Pulumi.
  6. Strong scripting (e.g., Bash/Python) and automation skills
  7. Databases: Experience with managing databases both SQL and NoSQL (MongoDB, PostgreSQL)
  8. Middleware: Experience with managing backend systems (Redis / Elasticsearch, RabbitMQ)
  9. Monitoring Tools: Experience with monitoring tools (CloudWatch, Splunk, Grafana, Prometheus)
  10. CI/CD experience (Jenkins, Bitbucket Pipeline, AWS Code Pipeline)
  11. Sharp troubleshooting skills, ability to troubleshoot distributed systems.
  12. In-depth understanding of communication protocols (mainly TCP/IP) and routing protocols (e.g., BGP, OSPF)
  13. Knowledge of Dagster, Airflow, and other orchestration tools.
  14. Experience working in Agile methodology (Scrum, Kanban) using collaborative project management tools (Jira preferred).
  15. Knowledge of Control Tower, Ansible
  16. Experience managing active directory, SSO, IAM, WAF, Network firewalls.
  17. Experience with setting up DMARC policies on mail server.


 Key Qualifications

  1. Build, own & lead whole modules single-handedly
  2. Work on creating performant and fault tolerant systems which are scalable
  3. Design, build, and maintain high performance, reusable, and reliable codebase
  4. Effectively work with product to gather requirements, gain deep understanding of use cases and business needs, and translate into design and implementation.
  5. Maintain code integrity and organization.
  6. Manage basic devops related to CI/CD
  7. Creating secure systems
  8. Define optimal and minimal architecture to achieve product requirements



  1. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Engineering, or a related field
  2. Certifications from CKAD, AWS, Azure, GCP are preferable.


 Soft Skills:

  1. The ability to work independently is a MUST.
  2. Thriving to learn new things is a MUST.
  3. Passion for self-improvement and self-teaching is a MUST.
  4. Strong communication skills with an ability to voice opinions and share his/her ideas succinctly.
  5. Ability to communicate technical concepts and solutions at a level appropriate for technical and non-technical audiences.
  6. An analytical mind and an eye for attention to detail
  7. Proactivity & curiosity

About the company

About us

At Mechademy we have combined our decades of domain expertise in Turbomachinery with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to create our IoT platform, Turbomechanica®. Our platform utilizes data from multiple (tens or even hundreds of) sources to identify anomalies and flag sub-optimal operations based on the underlying relationships among variables. 


The analytical sophistication of the platform is further enhanced with the integration of physics-based performance models that augment the AI models providing richer insights into machine performance and health. Our built-in algorithms target specific use cases such as performance degradation, machine vibrations, dry gas seal health, motor insulation health, gas contamination, and several others. This targeted approach has allowed us to detect machine issues that had previously gone undetected by other remote monitoring and diagnostic providers on the same machines.


Our platform's remote monitoring provides deep insights into plant anomalies to ensure operational reliability resulting in significant cost savings for our customers. 


We also help companies engineer, commission, start-up and operate major turbomachinery equipment such as gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors, expanders and pumps. 


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Ruzbeh Homji