Founding Fullstack Engineer


30LPA - 50LPA

Min Experience

5 years



About the role


Company name: Landeed | HQ Location: Hyderabad, India | Website | LinkedIn

Role: Founding Fullstack Engineer

  • Salary: Rs 30-50 lakhs per year

  • Location: Hyderabad

  • Experience: 5+ years

  • Type: Full-time


As a Founding Software Engineer, you will have an organization-level impact on the product. You be a hands-on expert that takes on the most challenging technical implementations, mentors the team, and ensures that features are delivered on time and to specification.

What drives success for this role:

  • Environment: At least five (5) years of experience developing software in an agile team environment, with experience working with remote or distributed teams.

  • Full Stack: Expertise with React Native and significant experience working with any backend technology. You should have experience across the tech stack, specifically JS, React, and React Native. Native iOS and Android are highly desirable.

  • Delivery: Strong project management skills and a proven track record of taking these types of projects through all stages from inception to deployment.

  • Testing/Quality: Ability to understand and debug native code as well as performance tune mobile applications.

  • Communication: Strong technical and non-technical communication skills with the ability to articulate a vision to audiences of varying technical expertise and collaborate with stakeholders at all levels of the organization.

  • Leadership: Track record of ownership for team-scale execution and technical excellence.

Interview Process:

Our interview process is meant to have quick turnaround and precision, especially if you have some past code to share after the first call. We typically round up the process within a week or two.

  1. Phone Screen
    We will cover your overall experience in React Native, past projects and culture-fit

  2. Review your past code or a small take-home project
    If you have past code that represents your current capabilities, send them over and we can take a look. You are free to choose any project but preferably should be within the React/React Native/Android/iOS frameworks.
    Alternatively, we could do a take-home project that could take 1-2 hours.

  3. Onsite

    1. Code Review and Mini Tasks
      You will review code snippets written by us during a video call and fix the issues you see. Additionally, we would have one or two mini coding challenges for you such as implementing a function or a small part of the business logic. All of the codes will be in the React/React Native framework.

    2. System Design
      We will give you a problem prompt and you will lead the discussion to come up with the overall system design such as the system requirements, endpoints design, UI architecture and key technical solutions.

    3. Culture
      This will be a behavioral interview to assess your fit for cross-functional collaboration. It's typically led by a non-technical member of the team.

About the company

About us

Landeed is building India's (then for the rest of the world) fastest and most comprehensive property title search engine. More than 84% of Indian household wealth is stored in real estate, property and land. However, with 2/3rds of all court cases in India dealing with land-related disputes, it is essential that people have accessible public records to both protect themselves against litigation and provide appropriate documentation for facilitating transactions.

Founder/Recruiter profiles:

ZJ Lin


React Native