Full Stack Developer


20LPA - 40LPA

Min Experience

5 years


Remote, India



About the role

Who we are

We are a software services company where the ‘HOW’ of building software is equally important to the ‘WHAT’. We embrace Software Craftsmanship values and Extreme Programming practices to build well-crafted products for our clients. We work with large organizations to help them scale or modernize their legacy technology. We work with startups as extensions of their team, to help them operationalize their idea efficiently. Incubyte strives to find people who are passionate about creating well-crafted software, who are continuous learners, and who are sticklers for quality of work. We work on dedicated, long-term commitments to bring a product mindset into services.


What we’re looking for

We’re looking to hire software craftspeople. People who are proud of the way they work and the code they write. People who believe in and are evangelists of eXtreme Programming principles. Motivated and passionate people who make great teams. We heavily believe in being a DevOps organization, where developers own the entire release cycle and thus get to work not only on programming languages, but also on infrastructure technologies in the cloud.


What you’ll be doing

First, you will be writing tests. You’ll be writing self-explanatory, clean code. Your code will produce the same, predictable results, over and over again. You’ll be making frequent, small releases. You’ll be working in pairs. You’ll be doing peer code reviews. You will work in a product team, building products and rapidly rolling out new features and fixes. You will be responsible for all aspects of development – from understanding requirements, writing stories, and analyzing the technical approach, to writing test cases, development, deployment, and fixes. You will own the entire stack from the front end to the back end to the infrastructure and DevOps pipelines. And, most importantly, you’ll be pledging that you’ll never stop learning! 


Skills you need to succeed in this role

Most Important: Integrity of character, diligence, and the commitment to do your best

Must-Have: Ruby on Rails, Test Driven Development, React, React.js, JavaScript, Typescript


  • Self-Learner: You must be extremely hands-on and obsessive about implementing software development best practices
  • Sense of Ownership: Do whatever it takes to implement the highest quality solution in the most pragmatic manner
  • Expertise in object-oriented programming, data structures, algorithms, and software engineering methodologies
  • Expertise in web architecture, providing design and development recommendations, and optimizing existing infrastructure
  • Experience working in Agile and eXtreme Programming methodologies in a continuous deployment environment
  • Interest in mastering technologies like web server ecosystems, relational DBMS, TDD, CI/ CD tools
  • Working knowledge of server configuration/deployment infrastructure
  • Experience using source control and bug tracking systems, writing user stories, and technical documentation


Full Stack Developer