Product Designer


20LPA - 35LPA

Min Experience

2 years





About the role


Company name: GigaML  | HQ Location: San Francisco , California | Website | LinkedIn


Role: Product Designer

  • Salary: Rs. 20-36 Lakhs per annum
  • Experience: 2+ years
  • Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
  • Type: Full-time

About the company

About us

 Revolutionizing B2C support with advanced LLMs

- Empowering businesses to deliver instant, personalized customer care at scale 

- Driving significant improvements in CSAT scores, resolution times, and agent efficiency


Reliable AI for customer support

- Automate with LLMs, maintain CX control 

- White glove onboarding, strict guardrails

- Progressive automation, workflow experimentation

- Reduce cost, improve CSAT & resolution time


Key benefits of GigaML for B2C customer support and banking:

- Handle high volume of customer queries with speed and accuracy

- Provide 24/7 support across multiple channels

- Reduce cost per interaction while improving customer experience

- Free up agents to focus on complex, high-value interactions 

- Ensure consistent, compliant responses in regulated industries


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Varun Vummadi


UI Design
Product Designer
Brand Design