BackEnd Engineer


10LPA - 40LPA

Min Experience

2 years





About the role


Company name: Even | HQ Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka | Website | LinkedIn

Role: BackEnd Engineer

  • Salary: Rs.10-40 lakhs per annum 
  • Experience: 2+ years
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Type: Full-time

What you will do

  1. Build up Even's back end infrastructure
  2. Build the tools which enable our doctors and hospitals to provide efficient, seamless access to care:
    EHR platform
    Cashless verification at our partner facilities
    Hospital portals
    Booking systems
  3. Build tools for boosting productivity of your fellow developers, and team members (existing examples include...)
    Time machine that let’s us view our DB data at any point in history
    Our in-house Google-style golinks implementation
  4. Integrate with external partners and vendors, such as:
    Labs and diagnostics centers
    Payment gateways and KYC solutions
    Analytics tools

What you will need

  1. Proficiency in Go or a similar strongly typed language like C++.
  2. Industry experience building performant distributed systems (ideally 2+ years).
  3. Exposure to programming practices in tech (or tech-first) companies (such as):
    Distributed build systems, continuous integration & deployment
    Staging/prod environments, unit testing, code reviews

Good to have

  1. Experience with serverless architectures
  2. Exposure to Google Cloud and Firebase
  3. Data engineering experience, and an interest in ML

About the company

We’re Even and we’re on a mission to build a new kind of health cover. One that keeps you healthy and out of hospitals.

We make staying healthy easy and affordable through free consultations and tests and guided care plans that help you prevent and fight lifestyle diseases. Along with our insurance partners, we ensure our members spend their savings on things they love rather than see them go away towards medical/hospital bills. With every interaction with us, we want our members to feel free.

The goal is ambitious. If we are successful, we will be affecting millions of lives and creating a phenomenally valuable company

 Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Mayank Banerjee