B2B Sales


15LPA - 20LPA

Min Experience

5 years





About the role


Company name: Cloudfiles.io | HQ Location: Bengaluru | Website | LinkedIn


Role: B2B Sales

  • Salary: Rs.15-20 Lakhs per year
  • Experience: 5+ years
  • Location: Bangalore
  • Type: Full-time

About the company

About us

A Sales team typically uses 5-6 document tools:


  1. Document generation tool for creating personalized proposal/contracts etc. using a template & customer data. Ex: Conga composer, Panda Docs, Quip.
  2. Document Storage tool for storing files in a cloud storage. Ex: SharePoint, Google Drive, Salesforce.
  3. Document Discovery tool for finding the right content in the business context. Ex: Seismic, Highspot.
  4. Document Sharing tool for sharing documents with customers & tracking engagement. Ex: Showpad, DocSend.
  5. E-signatures tool to Esign on documents. Ex: DocuSign, HelloSign


Problems with current document stack is that:


  1. These tools don’t talk to each other.
  2. They add a lot of friction to the sales process.
  3. Sales people have to keep jumping between these tools.
  4. Sensitive files & customer data is scattered across these platforms.
  5. They don’t integrate well with the existing processes.


Enter CloudFiles which is a full stack document automation & sharing platform. It is:


  1. a) Friction Eliminator:
  2. Exposed through the CRMs - acts as CRM extension & not as a new tool
  3. Mirrors existing storage - Works on top of SharePoint, Google Drive etc. Customer’s sensitive files remain with them.


  1. b) Deeply Integrated:
  2. CRMs are very powerful at automations, it’s their core business.
  3. CloudFiles deeply integrates with these tools, harnessing the full power of CRMs.


  1. c) Full Stack:
  2. CloudFiles would support all functions across document lifecycle, with an option to plug user’s own tool as well.
  3. Ex: Someone wants to use DocuSign instead of our e-signatures, they can, in a seamless way.


  1. d) Highly Customizable:
  2. All sales processes are unique. Salesforce understood that and pioneered CRMs.
  3. CloudFiles takes the same approach, building on top of CRMs, enabling customers to fully customize their processes involving documents.


All in a no code way.


Founder/Recruiter profiles:

Vishesh Singhal


Business-to-Business - B2B